Will the 4680 battery be in my new Model Y?

This article compares the new Model Y Standard Range, which uses 4680 battery cells, to the Long Range model,

which uses 2170 cells. It also discusses the upcoming Model Y All-Wheel Drive, which has  

a lower driving range than the Long Range version, coming out of Tesla's new Gigafactory in Texas.

Tesla's new 4680 battery cells, which have a higher energy density than the 2170 batteries used in earlier models, are used in this model.  

This offers the Model Y an estimated 330-mile range on a single charge, however this  

is down from the Long Range model by 50 miles, giving it only 279 miles. With just 269 miles of range,  

the Standard Range variant has even less. Even if these numbers are a little below what had been first promised,